Ofir Miron


Ofir Miron

Software engineer with AR/VR and Android experience.


AR/VR at Google

April 2018 - Present
Previously: Gmail, Chat & Meet.

My Apps

Find My Parked Car

Find My Parked Car is an Android and iOS app that allows the user to save the exact parking location and view it at a later time when needed. The user can take a picture of the parking spot, set an alarm for metered parking, and write a note. The app is available on both Wear OS smartwatches and the Apple Watch.
On Android, Automatic Parking Detection uses either the device sensors, or a Bluetooth connection, to automatically detect when the user parks their car. The app detects when the user is heading back, and suggests turn-by-turn walking navigation.

Games Launcher

Games Launcher puts all the user's installed games into a single folder. It boosts performance by closing background tasks. Screen recording feature allows the user to share what's on the screen.

My Drawer

My Drawer is an app drawer replacement with many advanced features. It automatically organizes apps by category, provides advanced search functionality, multiple themes, and the ability to hide unwanted apps.